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Purchase your ShoulderDolly now!


Purchase your ShoulderDolly now!


Safety First: Having your hands free to maneuver

Stand upright going up/down stairs

Less risk of injury and back strain

Makes furniture moving more efficient

Uses the strongest muscles in your body – Legs and Shoulders

Reduces Hand, Back and Arm Strain

Lower insurance claims

Less Risk of Injuries


One-size-fits-all harnesses

Patented technology - makes lifting easier

No more damage to walls & floors

Made of strong & durable materials

Adjusts easily to furniture size

Ergonomic Design

Easier Placement - Benefit of one strap instead of two

Continental Europe

Purchase your ShoulderDolly now!


Purchase your ShoulderDolly now!

"SHOULDER DOLLY moving straps -
Move large, heavy objects, safer, easier
and more efficiently than
a moving dolly"

The Shoulder Dolly® moving straps is a revolutionary way to move large, heavy and bulky objects by using leverage.

The Shoulder Dolly® is a two-person lifting system that allows you to maintain an upright posture while moving furniture or any large, heavy objects. This is accomplished by using a webbed harness over your shoulder muscles, and lifting with your legs. This significantly decreases the strain and risk of injury to your lower back, hands, biceps and forearms.

"Recommended Lifting Capacity up to 800 lbs"


"From an orthopedic surgeon's standpoint moving heavy objects so easily & effortlessly with the Shoulder Dolly® it's good for you and your back."

Dr. Robert E. Hunter, MD,
Orthopedic Surgeon, Aspen, CO

"I can see it reducing acute injuries as well as
long-term damage to the spine."

Dr. Paul Parsons, DC
Chiropractor, Glenwood Springs, CO

"In my 25 years of experience selling, merchandising and delivering appliances I have never seen a product as effective as the Shoulder Dolly®. The system has dramatically improved my delivery service by increasing personal safety and efficiency and dramatically reducing insurance claims."

Tom Knipping,
Appliance Dealer, 25 years

"This product is good for moving heavy objects through narrow doors, and makes it much easier. I really did have less strain on my back. Lives up to the company claims; I didn't feel any strain on my muscles."

Scott Remmel
owner of ExecNet Properties Corporate Housing